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Duplicate Domain Name Remover (legacy)


The Duplicate Domain Name Remover (DDNR) software is currently available for personal use free of charge. It's designed to remove duplicate domain names (in addition to duplicate URLs) from a .txt file by utilizing multithreading technology for speed efficiency. The main purpose of this software is to allow search engine optimization specialists and other professionals a quick way to sort through and delete duplicate domains from a text file, including subdomains, regardless of whether they contain unique URLs. This can be useful for databases produced by software such as Hrefer and Scrapebox which produce unique URLs from the same domain name. It's also useful for custom lists of URLs that you wish to remove duplicate domains from. You can view a screenshot of the software.


Simply load any .txt file containing a list of URLs and click Start. An output file called After.txt will be created in the same directory.

Process: The DDNR software will scan the domain contained within each URL and see whether it appears on two or more occasions within the text file. Each URL containing the duplicate domain will be removed. The truncated list of URLs will be output into After.txt. The format of remaining URLs in After.txt will be sorted alphabetically, unless PageRank is already specified before each URL, in which case the results will be sorted via PageRank. No alteration is made to the original file.

Interface: Use Browse to search for the input text file. Click on Duplicate URLs to display the list of duplicate domains and URLs found.

Settings: The settings determines whether or not a single instance of a duplicate domain should be kept or not. Remove Off will keep one entry for a duplicate domain. Remove On will delete all occurrences of the domain name (meaning no record of it is retained). The default and recommended setting is Remove Off.


This program has been tested for the Windows platform (Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT, 98).

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