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Content available through our Wiki (http://heronacademy.com/wiki) is copyright, however you are free to use an excerpt of the content provided the following attribution requirements are adhered to.

When Attribution Is Required

Attribution is only required when you directly copy content from our Wiki, re-use the content in any way, or write any ideas based off the content we provide. If you simply wish to hyperlink to a page on our Wiki without making direct use of any of our content, then no form of attribution is required.

How To Attribute If Making Use Of Our Content

Whenever copying any content from our Wiki (be it text, an image, or anything else), you will be required to make attribution in the manner outlined below. The attribution must always appear on every page where our content appears.

Attribution is to be created as follows:

The start of the attribution must contain the phrase "Retrieved from:".

You must include the full page page title as a hyperlink pointing to the Wiki page you obtained our content from.

You must then include the text ", property of" and place an additional hyperlink pointing directly back to our index page at http://heronacademy.com/ with the anchor text of "Heron Academy Of Internet Marketing".

This same process is to be followed regardless of whether you copy text, an image, or any other type of content. The page referenced must always be the page where the content is displayed.

Below is an example of how to do this. For the example, we will pretend that you wish to reference some content from our Internet marketing page.

HTML Example

Retrieved from: <a href="http://heronacademy.com/wiki/Internet_Marketing>Internet Marketing - Heron Academy Wiki</a>, property of <a href="http://heronacademy.com/">Heron Academy Of Internet Marketing</a>.

Live Example

Retrieved from: Internet Marketing - Heron Academy Wiki, property of Heron Academy Of Internet Marketing.

Use Of NoFollow Tag Is Not Allowed

If an attribution contains the rel="nofollow" tag then the attribution is considered to be invalid, and the use of our content is not allowed (ie: <a href="http://heronacademy.com/ rel="nofollow">Heron Academy Of Internet Marketing</a> is not considered an acceptable hyperlink due to the presence of the "nofollow" tag). Please ensure that any hyperlinks pointing back to our website do not contain the nofollow tag.

Non-Internet Attribution

In order to attribute work that appears in non-Internet based media (such as in printed media or in a presentation), a simple reference with the location of the URL of the content, along with the author name "Heron Academy Of Internet Marketing" will suffice. For example: "Retrieved from http://heronacademy.com/wiki/Internet_Marketing, Heron Academy Of Internet Marketing". Please note that this form of attribution is not acceptable for any of our content that appears on the Internet. If our content appears on the Internet, it must be attributed in the manner outlined in the Live Example.

Domains Exempt From Attribution

The domains listed below may reference content on our website in their own manner, and may ignore all of the above requirements, including use of the nofollow tag. If a domain is not listed below, then it must abide by the instructions above.

Exempt Domains:

wikipedia.org wikimedia.org archive.org

To request a domain to be exempt please Contact Us with the subject "Wiki - Domain Exemption Request", detailing the reason why the exemption is absolutely necessary.